Beginning Mi'gmaq

Welcome to Learn Mi'gmaq Online! In this first section, you will learn the basics of the language. We'll start by learning the sounds of the language. After working on pronunciation and listening, you will learn basic introductions. Next, we will look at how to talk about people. This will help you pick up on some grammatical concepts, like how to talk about different kinds of groups of people, how to count, and how to build basic sentences. This section also includes some tips on how to study Mi'gmaq.

It's important to practice along as you hear dialogs. Learning how to speak and understand Mi'gmaq is the primary goal of this website. Although many speakers feel nervous about speaking because everyone makes mistakes as they are learning, the best way to improve your pronunciation is just to practice. Every time you hear a sentence, you should repeat it out loud until you have mastered the rhythm and sounds of the words.