Did you have pets?


This lesson features a dialogue between a man and a woman. Their voices might be slightly hard for you to understand, but don't worry about getting every word. Being able to pick things up from a conversation that is full of things you haven't studied yet is an important part of learning a new language.

Dialog 1

Eggunsip'ni'g wi'sijji'j maljewe'jewinug?

Did you have pets when you were young?


E'e, 'nsis aq ni'n eggunget'p'ni'g gitg: gajuewj aq nmuj.

Yes, my older brother and I, we both had them. a cat and a dog.


Megwite'tm'n tan teluis'pni'g?

Do you remember what they were named/called?


Megwite'tm gajuewjaq telui's'p "Jugui'pi" aq nmujaq "Wigum".

I remember the (late) cat was called "Jugi'pi" ("Come run to me.") and the (late) dog was called "Wigum" ("Call him here/invite him. Imperative").


Tal'mugsi'sni'g 'gtuemji'jg?

What breed of pets were your pets?


Gajuewjaq na poqtaqai-m'qtawe'g aq nmujaq na wisaqamugsit. Gatu getu'-witm amgwesewei nmujaq nenaqapna 'ntlamugsis ugtueml teluisipnaq "Gilu".

The cat was completely black and the dog is golden-coloured. But I want to mention first dog that I knew was my uncle's dog, his name was "Gilu".