Things I've done


Let's learn how to talk about things we've done.

The expression gi's or gisi is another word like getu' that can change its meaning a little depending on context. This dialog shows that gi's/gisi can mean 'have done' OR 'can do/be able to do', just by changing what it is you're talking about.

Dialog 1

Gi's gisa'tu'n 'gtlugowaqan?

Have you finished your work?


Gi's ta's'g gisa'tu. Gatu mu gis-gaqa'tu.

I have done some of it. But I can't finish it.


Tal gis?

How come?


Muta mu gisgitmu ta'n goqwei ula 'gtuteminu gisui'g'g.

Because I can't read what this (non-Native) friend of ours has written.


Ni'n gisi-apoqonmult's, gulaman gis-gaqa'tut's.

I will be able to help you, so that you can finish it.