I give you an egg


Let's practice talking about giving people things.

Dialog 1


I'm mad at you!


Goqwei ugjit?

What for?


Muta te'si-gisgug, wa'w ignmul. Toqo-jiw pas'g newte' wen'ju'su'n ignumuin. Mu tepianug.

Every day, I give you an egg. And then you only give me an apple. It's not enough.


Na to'q, nige' tapu'gl wen'ju'su'nn ignmulann. Tepiatew?

Okay, now I'm giving you two apples. Will it be enough?


Tapu'gl wen'ju'su'nn ignmuinn? Ugjit newte' wa'w? Me' mu tepianug.

You're giving me two apples? For one egg? It's still not enough.


Na to'q, nige' tapusijig tap'tang elt ignmulanig. Tepiatew nige'?

Okay, now I'm giving you two potatoes, too. Will it be enough now?


Tapusijig tap'tang ignmuinig? Aq elt tapu'gl wen'ju'su'nn? Ugjit newte' wa'w? Tepiatew na nugu'!

You're giving me two potatoes? And also two apples? For one egg? Oh all right, that will be enough.


Te'si-gisgug, newte'jinnitl jagejl ignmaql nsis.

Every day, I give my older brother one lobster.


Aq negm ignmuitl newte'jinnitl ga'tal.

And he gives me one eel.


Aq te'si-gisgug, tapusinnijig atugwa'su'g ignmaqi nmis.

And every day, I give my older sister two trout.


Aq negm ignmuiji tapusinnijig tmatosg.

And she gives me two tomatoes.


Aq te'si-gisgug, nsis ignmuatl nmisnenn negla jagejl.

And every day, my older brother gives our older sister that lobster.


Aq nmis ignmuaji nsisinenn negla atugwa'su'g.

And our my older sister gives our older brother those trout.