Want to


Now let's learn how to say 'want to'. Depending on the context where you say it, the word getu' can mean either 'going to do' or 'want to do'.

In these dialogues, we'll be using contexts that suggest getu' = 'want to do', and some other contexts that suggest getu' = 'going to do'. Keep your eye out for which translation goes where!

Dialog 1


Do you want to come with me?


Tami tett elien?

Where are you going?


Getu'-asoqoma'si. Getu'-nmisgm Pastungeweiei suliewei.

I'm going across [to Campbellton]. I want to get some U.S. money.


E'e, wije'wult's, gatu tmg getu'-'lqawei.

Yes, I will go with you, but first I want to hang out the laundry.


Tel'te'tm getu'-gigpesaq.

I think it's going to rain.


-A' na, ma' pe'l 'lqawew.

Oh, then for now I won't hang out the laundry.


Gatu 'gtu'-tlatalt's na'te'l?

So will you want to eat there?


E'e. Muta mu getu'-wissugwatigew gisgug.

Yes. Because I don't want to cook today.