Requests for children


Here are some helpful commands and requests for when you are taking care fo children.

Dialog 1

Maja'si, naji-ilego'tu gm'po'qon.

Go, go make your bed.


Atel gisi-ilego'tu!

I have just made it!


Maja'si, naji-gasiptna'si.

Go, go wash your hands.


Atel gis-gasiptna'si!

I have just washed my hands!

Vocabulary Section 1





Wait for me.



Be quiet.


Giju' natnmi.

Go see Grandma.


Mutt sama'tu, epteg!

Don't touch it, it's hot!


Mutt sama'tu, mejige'g!

Don't touch it, it's dirty!


Mutt 'tqamaw!

Don't hit h/her!



Leave h/her alone, stop bothering h/her!


Puni-al'tugwie'n, nun'ji gesnugwig.

Stop running around, I have a headache.