Running all around


This lesson will teach you five words that can attach to the beginning of verbs to change their meanings slightly: al­, el­, pem­, wejgw­ and enm­.

All of these "preverbs" can attach to any of the verbs in this lesson. There are many more preverbs, but these are commonly used with the motion verbs we're learning.

NOTE: this lesson includes pronouns before every verb to help you understand who is doing them but when speaking Mi'gmaq it sounds better to leave them off.

In the following four examples you will see al­ attached to the beginning of the verbs. This is similar to the word "around" in English and means that you are doing the action (running, walking etc.) without any particular direction in mind.

See if you can figure out the meaning of the other preverbs from the examples in this lesson!

Vocabulary Section 1

Ni'n altugwi'm awtigtug.

I run around on the road.


Gi'l all'ga'n.

You walk around.


Ji'nm ala'gwiteget awtigtug

(S)he drives around on the road.



I swim.


Ninen ell'gaieg qospemg.

(S)he and I walk to the lake.


Gilew pema'moq.

You two swim across.


Ginu ela'gwi'tegeigw qospemg.

You and I drive to the lake.


Negmow pemtugwi'gig.

They (two) are running by.


Ninen wejgutugwi'meg.

We (exclusive) are running here.


Gilew enm'lgo'ltioq.

You are walking there.


Ginu enma'mu'ti'gw.

We (inclusive) are swimming there.


Negmow wejglugo'ltijig.

They are walking here.