Who's that wandering around?


Here's some more practice asking questions about where people are and what they're doing.

Dialog 1

Wen na ala'sit awtigtug?

Who is that wandering around in the road?


'Njignam na. Te'si-gisg'g pas'g ala'si Listugujg, gatu negm ma' tam-se'g 'liegw.

That's my little brother. Every day he just wanders around in Listuguj, but he won't go anywhere else.


Wen ala wejgu'et?

Who is that coming this way?


Mui'n na. Ugsmugwanej!

It's a bear. Let's get out of here [lit. 'Let's run away']!


Wen ala enmiet?

Who is that going off/away?


Lentug na. Mutt me'tew, jijuaqa ugsmugwatew.

It's a deer. Don't make a sound, or else it will run away.


Wen ala pemiet?

Who is that going along?


Tia'm na. Mutt gigja'siw ta'n eig.

It's a moose. Don't go close to where it is.


Tami elien?

Where are you going?


Qame'g eliei. Natanguai.

I'm going to Campbellton. I'm going shopping.


Tami wejien?

Where did you go/where have you come from?


Qame'g wejiei. Apanguai.

I went to Campbellton. I went (am back from) shopping.