Position Verbs


Some verbs tell us what position people are in, whether they are standing, sitting, or lying down. We'll practice describe people's positions in this lesson.

Dialog 1

Ge' lapa'si! Ala' ji'nm gaqamit awtigtug.

Look over there! Over there there's a man standing in the road.


Ge' lapa'si! Ala' gajuewj pemgopit miti'sigtug.

Look over there! Over there there's a cat sitting in a tree.


Ge' lapa'si! Ala' 'nmu'j elising 'msiguigtug.

Look over there! There's a dog lying on the grass.


Goqwei wetpualin angaptmn 'ms't goqwei?

Why do you want me to look at everything?


Al'puguit gmis gujmug.

Your sister's standing around outside.


Aq 'gsis pas'g algopit lamuguomg.

And your brother's sitting around inside.


Aq gajuewj pas'g alising a'se'g.

And the cat is lying around in the next room.


Geji'g. Apjiw alising na gajuewj.

I know that of him. That cat is always lying around.