I see and hear an animal


Now we'll practice the verbs for hearing and seeing with the animals we have learned.

Vocabulary Section 1

Nemi'g gitpu alaqsing musigisg'tug.

I see an eagle flying around in the sky.


Nemi'g gu'gu'gwes alaqsing nipugtug.

I see an owl flying around in the woods.


Nemi'g mimiges alaqsing musigisg'tug.

I see a butterfly flying around in the sky.


Nutaq amaljugwej metewe'g gujmug.

I hear a raccoon making a sound outside.


Nemi'g wowgwis al'tugwi'g awtigtug.

I see a fox running around in the road.


Nemi'g apigjilu pisit tepaqanigtug.

I see a skunk located in/underneath the car.


Nemi'g gopit ala'q samqwanigtug, gigjiw gun'tewigtug.

I see a beaver swimming around in the water, near a rock.


Nutaq ap'tapegiejit etlatalg 'msiguigtug.

I see a turkey eating in the grass.


Nemi'g te'plj al-mila'teget gujmug.

I see a goat playing around/going around doing mischief outside.


Nemi'g 'sqolj ala'q qospemg.

I see a frog swimming around in the lake.


Nemi'g migjigj ala'q qospemg.

I see a turtle swimming around in the lake.


Nemi'g go'gwe'ji'j pemi-tqojuapegit miti'sigtug.

I see a spider climbing along up the tree.


Nemi'g mui'n ale'g nipugtug.

I see a bear hanging around in the woods.


Nutaq mui'ne'j al'temit nipugtug.

I hear a bear cub going around crying in the woods.


Nemi'g tia'm ale'g qospemg.

I see a moose hanging around at the lake.


Nemi'g paqt'sm pemtugwi'g sipug.

I see a wolf running along the river.


Nutaq wapus ali-unaqja't 'msiguigtug.

I hear a rabbit hopping around in the grass.


Nutaq apli'gmuj metewatalg iga'taqanigtug.

I hear a hare eating (heard but not seen) in the garden.


Nemi'g apigji'j neii'pit, aq app aqui'pit.

I see a mouse zip out into view, and again zip out of view.