Exit interview


Practice this dialog and see how much you've learned in this section!

Dialog 1

Taluisin gi'l?

What's your name?


Sa'n teluisi.

My name is John.


Wen 'ggij?

Who's your mother?


'Ngij na Susan Nuel.

My mother is Susan Noel.


Wen gujj?

Who's your father?


Nujj na So'se'p Nuel.

My father is Joseph Noel.


Tami tett tleiawijig?

Where are they from?


'Ngij tleiawit Listugujg, aq nujj tleiawit Gesgapegiaq.

My mother is from Listuguj, and my father is from Gesgapegiaq.


Tami tett wigijig?

Where do they live?


Listugujg wigijig, utang. Ni'n elg Listugujg wigi, wanne'g.

They live in Listuguj, towards the town. I also live in Listuguj, towards the cove.


Taluisit gmijgamij?

What's your grandfather's name?


Pie'l teluisipnaq.

He (deceased) was named Peter.


Taluisit gugumij?

What's your grandmother's name?


Agn's teluisipnaq.

She (deceased) was named Agnes.


Ta'sijig wijigumjig? Taluisultijig?

How many brothers and sisters do you have? What are their names?


Asugom te'sijig: Mali, So'se'p, Malia'n, Nastasi, Mise'l, aq ni'n. Mali na nmis, So'se'p na 'nsis, Malia'n aq Nastasi na 'ngwe'ji'jg aq Mise'l na 'njignam.

There are six of them: Mary, Joseph, Mary-Ann, Anastasia, Michael, and me. Mary is my older sister, Joseph is my older brother, Mary-Ann and Anastasia are my younger sisters, and Michael is my younger brother.


Tami tett etllugwen?

Where do you work?


Qame'g. Magasang etllugwei.

In Campbellton/Across the river. I work in a shop.


Mu nugu' etl-gina'masiw'n?

You aren't a student any more?


Moqwa': 'gtignipn gaqgina'masiapneg.

No: last year I finished my studies.