When were you born?


In this lesson, we see the S- and P-pasts again. And like before, the S-past is used here to ask a question, and the P-past is used to give a direct statement: the answer to that question.

So here we see -'s'p to ask a question about 'you' in the past. And then we see -ap to give the answer (or just make a statement) about 'me' in the past.

Pay close attention to the word ta'n. It has many uses; here we see it used to ask 'when___?' about the past.

Dialog 1

Ta'n ugs'tqamui's'p?

When were you born?


- Ugs'tqamuiap a...'Sqoljuigu's. Gat gi'l?

I was born in uh...May. And you?


Ni'n ugs'tqamuiap a... Nipnigu's.

I was born in uh...June.