How old are you? (Conversation)


In this lesson we will again talk about two ideas: young, and old. Try to work out from the dialogue which words each mean which. Remember that their endings will tell you who is young, and who is old.

Once you have worked that out, you can see two common ways to say '(more)___ than___'. Both of them start with me', which here means 'more_, _-er'.

Then you can use either aq (which also you know as 'and') or jemu for the idea of 'than___'. So the patterns for 'more___ than___' are: -me'___ aq___ -me'___ jemu___

Dialog 1


How old are you?


Tapuisgegi-puna'i jel newt.

I'm twenty-one.


O', me' maljewejuin!

Oh, you're still young!


'Njignam metla'si-puna't. Gnegg el-maljewejuit aq ni'n.

My younger brother is ten. He's far younger than me.


Na gi'l me' gisiguin jemu negm?

So you're older than him?


E'e, te'uji-gisigui a....

Yes, I'm so old....