How old is your mother?


Here is a short conversation we can have about ages. There are two important points to notice.

First, the word me' is used a lot in Mi'gmaq. Here it means 'still___'. You will see it later on also meaning 'more___, ___-er'.

Second, look at the last word, tapuisgegi-puna'p. When you replace the usual -t for 's/he' with -p, it changes the meaning from 'she IS twenty years old' to 'she WAS twenty years old'.

Dialog 1

Ta'si-puna't 'ggij?

How old is your mother?


'Ngij newisgegi-puna't jel ne'w.

My mother is forty-four.


Ta'si-puna't gujj?

How old is your father?


Nujj newisgegi-puna't jel ta'pu.

My father is forty-two.


O', me' maljewe'juijig!

Oh, they are still young!


E'e, me' maljewe'juijig. Ugs'tqamuianeg, 'ngij tapuisgegi-puna'p.

Yes, they're still young. When I was born, my mother was twenty.