What time will it be?


In this lesson we will learn to ask about times in the future. Look for how the endings change for this meaning, and also especially for expressing '[at the time] when'.

Dialog 1

Gi's ugumuljin ajiet?

Is it eight o'clock already?


Mnaq ugumuljin ajiegw. Mejit ga'l na ugumuljin ajietew.

It's not yet eight o'clock. A quarter (hour) more and then it will be eight o'clock.


Ta'sajietew weltesgati'gw?

What time will [it be when] we meet each other?


Asugom ajiej, na tujiw ultesgatitesnu.

When it's six o'clock, that's when we'll meet each other.


Ta's-ajietew sapo'nug natlugwen?

What time will it be tomorrow [when] you go to work?


Lluigneg ajietew jel aqatai natlugwei, wijei na te'si-gisg'g.

It'll be half past seven when I go to work, same as every day.


A'a, ni'n wijei.

Oh, me too.