I see [people] in the road


Starting from the word nemi'g 'I see him/her', we can expand to nemi'gig 'I see them'. You can use this word with any pair or group of people.

Notice that the endings sound very close to each other. This is a basic pattern of Mi'gmaq: words that are related to each other often share the same (or very similar) endings to show that relationship.

Now using the words for (groups of!) people, try to mix and match again with the words you know.

Vocabulary Section 1

Nemi'gig gisigu'g awtigtug

I see (some) old men in the road.


Nemi'gig e'pijig awtigtug

I see (some) women in the road.


Nemi'gig l'pa'tujg awtigtug

I see (some) boys in the road.