I see [a person] in the road


In this lesson we learn two new things. The word nemi'g means 'I see him/her', and can be used with any of the words for people we have learned before. The ending -igtug marks a word as a place or location, just like English words like 'in', 'on', or 'at'.

Mi'gmaq has ways of showing those exact different kinds of places, but -igtug on the end of the word is usually enough. So for example, putting it on awti 'road' gets you 'in the road' or 'on the road'.

Now you can make complete full sentences on your own! Mix and match the words you know, using these patterns, and try them out with speakers!

Vocabulary Section 1

Nemi'g gisigu awtigtug

I see an old man in the road.


Nemi'g e'pit awtigtug

I see a woman in the road.


Nemi'g l'pa'tuj awtigtug

I see a boy in the road.