I see [things] in the road


From nemitu 'I see it', we can now expand to nemituann 'I see them [things]'. You can use this word for any pair or group of things. In fact, the extra -n on the end is the same ending you have seen in a'sunn 'blankets' and so on.

Once again, Mi'gmaq is giving each word matching endings to show how they are related to each other.

Again, using the words for (groups of) things you have learned, try to mix and match again to make new sentences like the ones in this lesson.

Vocabulary Section 1

Nemituann mutputi'l awtigtug

I see (some) chairs in the road.


Nemituann a'su'nn awtigtug

I see (some) blankets in the road.


Nemituann gun'tal awtigtug

I see (some) rocks in the road.