I see [a thing] in the road


Before we learned the word nemi'g 'I see him/her', for talking about people. Now we learn the word nemitu 'I see it', for talking about things.

Again, this is the Mi'gmaq language showing how one word is related to another. In this case, showing that 'see' is related to 'it' (since 'it' is the thing that is 'seen').

Using the words for (single!) things you have learned, try to mix and match again to make new sentences like the ones in this lesson.

Vocabulary Section 1

Nemitu mutputi awtigtug

I see a chair in the road.


Nemitu a'su'n awtigtug

I see a blanket in the road.


Nemitu gun'tew awtigtug

I see a rock in the road.