Identifying siblings by relation


So far, you have learned the question taluisin?,' 'what is your name?', and the answer, teluisi, 'my name is___'. Here again we see tal- for the question and tel- for the answer.

Can you work out who we are talking about when we use this new -t ending? (Hint: it's not you, and it's not me).

Dialog 1

Taluisit 'gsis?

What is your older brother's name?


'Nsis Mise'l teluisit.

My older brother's name is Michael.


Taluisit gmis?

What is your older sister's name?


Nmis Malia'n teluisit.

My older sister's name is Mary-Ann.


Taluisit 'gjignam?

What is your younger brother's name?


'Njignam Sa'n teluisit.

My younger brother's name is John.


Taluisit 'ggwe'ji'j?

What is your younger sister's name?


'Ngwe'ji'j Mali teluisit.

My younger sister's name is Mary.