Identifying people


In this lesson, you will learn to ask about and identify people around you. You will also be able to describe your family and answer basic questions about them.

In English, we ask 'What is that?' to ask someone to tell us what kind of animal we are looking at. But in Mi'gmaq, it is natural to ask "Who is this/that?"— exactly the same as for people.

This is one way you can learn new words without having to speak any English at all.

Dialog 1

Wen na ula?

Who is this?



My younger brother.


Wen na ala?

Who is that?



My younger sister.


Ula na 'ggwe'ji'j?

Is this your younger sister?


Moqwa', ula na 'njignam.

No, this is my younger brother.


Ala na 'gjignam?

Is that your younger brother?


Moqwa', ala na 'ngwe'ji'j.

No, that is my younger sister.