This lesson will teach you the basics of how to describe yourself and your relations. You will learn how to describe yourself, your family, your home, and your work to others. These are important skills to learn at the beginning, because once you have mastered these basics, you will be able to begin conversations and introduce yourself to other Mi'gmaq speakers when you meet them.

Dialog 1

Me' Talein?

How are you?



I'm fine.



What's your name?


Sosep Nuel Teluisi.

My name is Joseph Noel


Wen 'ggij?

Who is your mother?


'Ngij na Susan Nuel.

My mother is Susan Noel.


Wen gujj?

Who is your father?


Nujj na Piel Nuel.

My father is Peter Noel.


Tami tett tleiawin?

Where are you from?


Listugujg tleiawi.

I am from Listuguj.


Tami tett tleiawit 'ggij?

Where is your mother from?


'Ngij Listugujg tleiawit.

My mother is from Listuguj.


Tami tett tleiawit gujj?

Where is your father from?


'Nujj elg Listugujg tleiawit.

My father is also from Listuguj.


Tami tett wigin?

Where do you live?


Listugujg wigi.

I live in Listuguj.


Tami tett etllugwen?

Where do you work?


Qamawtig a's'tuo'guomg.

Across from the church.