Here we will introduce you to the sounds and rhythms of the language. Most of the basic sounds of Mi'gmaq are the same as English: only a few are different.

The length of many Mi'gmaq words can scare people, but big words become much easier if you first just focus on catching their rhythm.

Rhythm is the main goal of this section. Once you pick up on word-rhythms, it will also help you in picking up the important differences in long and short sounds.

The examples below pair words with long and short sounds. The first word, epit, starts with a short e, while e'pit starts with a long e. In the second pair, agusn ends in a short n while agusnn ends in a long one.

Think of the patterns of long sound-short sound as rhythm patterns in music, and you will find that you can say them quickly, easily, and accurately.

Vocabulary Section 1

epit     e'pit

she/he sits     woman


agusn     agusnn

hat     hats